We wait, sometimes all year long, for those beautiful summer days so we can finally go and enjoy the outdoors… taking long walks… trips to the park… beach fun… but, once it gets too hot – it becomes arduous to function. I am a winter baby myself, and as much as I love summer I cannot handle the heat, it ‘literally’ feels like I’m melting! Then I turn and look at the kids and they have the ‘look’, ‘Mums, being over dramatic again’ haha even this young they already know me so well! The Doc advised that kids usually feel the cold slightly more than us and the heat slightly more than us, now I know you’re probably thinking that’s a bit too scientific so I’ll simplify it. What it means is to add an extra layer in winter and one layer less in summer, lucky for babies that means they spend most of their time in their undergarments.

I have put together my little list of how to keep cool and actually enjoy the hot weather with the babies:

    1. Hydration! It sounds so simple but for mummy and babies it’s key. I’ve heard plenty of ‘on average’ figures of how much water we should consume but there is an easy little formula to help you calculate how much to drink. Simply, take your current weight (in pounds) and divide by two, and there you have it! That number is the amount of water in ounces you should drink in a day e.g. If you weigh 150 pounds you should drink 75 ounces of water a day. I love water bottles that have ml markers allowing me to track my water intake and kids have a visible mark of how much water to drink. Pro tip – make everything into a game to make it fun for babies and get them to compete and be excited about drinking water!camelbak bottle
    2. Sunblock!!! Even multiple exclamation marks and making it bold doesn’t highlight just how important this is! Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and reducing the risk of skin cancer is non-negotiable. I prefer to use the spray sunblock as it’s quick, easy and doesn’t leave grease on your hands. BabyG usually gets sprayed after showering and applying lotion ensuring she is fully protected. BabyJ has more delicate skin, due to his eczema, hence I use a baby sunscreen with SPF 60 – you know, just to be sure!
      spf chart
    3. A small water spray bottle! This is my own hack that I am quite proud of, now before you go googling who invented this before I did, I acknowledge I cannot be the first person on the planet to have done this. Simply, I had a travel-size spray bottle, added cold water, and spray away! It sprays the perfect amount of water for BabyG (and me) providing instant refreshing mist. And as if that wasn’t enough being travel-size you can effortlessly carry it when out and about.
    4. As a kid, I loved handheld fans! I remember asking my dad to get me one every summer, I even used one all the way through high school too. The small battery powered ones are great, but make sure you get the ones with felt wings making them safe for baby to hold. This summer I received a traditional handheld fan, a beautiful gift from Seville, not only was it beautiful, it keeps BabyJ entertained and I can control the speed. handheld fan
    5. Water sprinklers are amazing, and no, not the ones you use to water the lawn. I’m talking about the over-priced animated ones for baby (pictured below). I wanted to find a fun way for BabyG to enjoy playing in the backyard while keeping cool during the summer. I used my amazon prime membership to overnight the Melissa and Doug sprinkler due to its amazing reviews and super cute design. manddougsprinkler
    6. A home pool whether inflatable or plastic – are so much fun. Last summer for BabyG I purchased (two) small shell shaped pools. Growing up, I always admired the shell design, the fact that it could open into a pool added to the intrigue, so I fulfilled my childhood dream to actually own one(even if it was for BabyG). BabyG loves the pool and it’s ideal for hot days, filled with cool water accompanied with some bath or beach toys, and she’s occupied for hours – for BabyJ just splashing around is fun. It’s super easy to clean, I don’t have to waste time inflating/deflating it (like I don’t have enough chores) and I’ve even used it indoors.

We used to live in Surrey, which many of us know as a ‘City of Parks’ so this summer my mum squad and I have been taking our babies out to the parks. There are some great water parks for babies to play in, we meet early in the day and pick a shady spot to set up a picnic – the kids play whilst we chat and eat – win/win! A few parks that we love (so far) are Bear Creek, Unwin Park and Brookswood Park (Langley). The nice thing about visiting these parks is that Sunny and his siblings played there as kids, which makes it so much nicer to share with the babies.

Stay safe and have a great summer!

Prabdeep K.


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