Goodbye Summer… Hello Fall!

Hello friends! We had a crazy busy summer not just with my series of trips and social events but, I had my siblings and family from England come and stay with us for a few weeks. I love playing hostess and had to make sure I was on my A-game to make everyone feel comfortable and have an enjoyable trip. We spent our time outdoors exploring BC and Vancouver and it was amazing- I personally loved discovering new places and there is always so much to do in the summer. I feel quite energized and really ready for fall!

I am a winter baby and so I love fall (especially my fall wardrobe!), the trees outside have already turned orange and the leaves have begun to fall. The cold season, however, brings with it lots and lots of nasty germs and we have (unfortunately) already been struck by the cold germs! It is the worst thing in the world when the babies fall sick and this time it was so tough as all three of us(!) were sick plus I had just had two wisdom teeth removed (ouch!).

I have compiled a little list of my top ways to prevent falling sick, boost your immune system and to fight off those nasty germs:

  1. Wrap up warm! The weather is so deceptive, it is hard to judge, and can change so drastically. I always err on the side of caution and so I dress the babies and myself in layers so that I can keep up with the ever-changing weather. This is the perfect time to take out those warm sweaters and to pull out the cozy winter blankets! Welcome to the HoboWarehouse.Com We have a large selection of vintage warm sweaters waiting for you! Just make your choice's in the drop down menu and we will send you a fantastic sweater with your re                                                                                                                                                                                 More
  2. Boost your immune system! I  get sick quite a lot, so having a weak immune system means, I need to keep up with taking Vitamin C. I was introduced to EmergenC by my naturopath Dr. Paaras Kaur she recommends during sickness to take three a day. I find the taste is ‘interesting’ and takes some getting used to and luckily they have a few different flavors to choose from- so hopefully, you can find a flavor you like. This product is not recommended for children and so I usually make sure BabyG has an extra dose of vitamin C usually an extra orange when I can persuade her to have one.Image result for emergenC
  3. To nurse the cold I like to use the cold air dehumidifier it really helps to clear your nose and let you breathe (and sleep) somewhat comfortably. You can even add a few drops of Vicks to the water which also helps with clearing the congestion. I know Vicks vaporub is not recommended for kids and babies but I used it on myself and it worked a charm!Image result for cold air dehumidifier
  4. A steaming hot cup of ginger tea is my go-to drink when suffering from the cold. Ginger has been used as a remedy for colds and cough for centuries and if you don’t mind the taste I would definitely take some. I use it fresh and add a few thin slices to the saucepan when boiling my tea, the smell is so aromatic and the taste is delicious. For the babies boil a few thin slices of fresh ginger in a saucepan cool it down and strain out the ginger before giving it to them- although from my experience they really hate this (so good luck!). Image result for ginger tea
  5. Drink lots of fluids! I try to keep the babies and myself hydrated whilst we are sick, in order to help flush out the germs, loosen up the stuffiness and congestion. Usually being sick means a loss of appetite but eating and drinking will give you the energy to help fight off the germs. BabyJ showed some loss in appetite and kept wanting his bottle, so we upped his milk instead, although with his nose being stuffed he had to take regular breaks to come up for air. Image result for water in glass

I hope you all stay warm and germ-free this fall! I would love to hear if you have any remedies that work for you? Tune in next week when we continue our N.E.S.T.S. series!

Take care and happy reading!



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