Time for Self

Welcome to week four of N.E.S.T.S. this week we will look at my favorite – time for self! The importance of having some time to yourself for some mums seems like an impossible task but it is so vital. It allows you relax and unplug for some time and do something you want to do.


Mum guilt is the number one deterrent to me-time. You are thinking of the kids, family, meals, cleaning, work, errands etc. in amongst all that how do you get to make time for yourself? As soon as I sit down to take a break and watch Downton Abbey I have this niggling feeling in the back of my head that I should not be stopping my chores to Netflix but then I remember that I earn this time every day. A short break from all the stuff that needs to be done to have some time to do something I want to do makes me human and very happy!

I have prepared a list of my top 20 favorite ways to relax and take a little quick break:

  1. Reading a book, this has to be my most favorite activity. This year so far I have only managed to read six books but I intend on at least getting to 10 for the year! Reading has been a great outlet for anxiety if I ever feel anxious or unable to clear my mind reading always calms me down and allows me to relax.Image result for reading a book
  2. Watch a show, the internet is teeming with shows and serials there is so much variety of tv to choose from. This year I wanted to watch Gilmore Girls in full so far I have made it to season 6 now, BabyG has now picked up on who Lorelai, Rory, and Luke are!
  3. Getting crafty, spending some time to sit and paint or craft even just for a few minutes is so fun! I usually do this with BabyG whilst BabyJ naps and she loves it, we can bond and also have some time together.
  4. Pinteresting plans in action, all those pins that you have been meaning to try are just calling out to you!Image result for pinterest
  5. Taking a bath with candles and epsom salts is so relaxing!
  6. Going for a walk, nature is really calming for the anxious mind. Whenever BabyG wants to go to the park we pull out the stroller and take a little walk. This is also a perfect way to tire her out!
  7. Reading a magazine is so much fun whether its home improvement or vogue there are literally hundreds to choose from!
  8. Getting a massage is so soothing and relaxing not to mention getting the knots out of those stress-prone areas!Image result for getting a massage
  9. Pampering yourself, getting a mani-pedi is so much fun, you feel great and using the massage chair is an added bonus! This is one of my favorite things to do with friends.
  10. Grabbing a coffee with a friend or alone is so nice especially to have a hot beverage- hot!
  11. Having a lie-down when BabyJ goes down for a nap and cuddling with BabyG is a nice way to take a little break.
  12. Go and watch a movie with the Mr. at the cinema now with the new recliner seats feels like you are at home without having BabyG and BabyJ climbing all over us.
  13. Go out for dinner and not having to cook is a double treat!Image result for go out for dinner
  14. Adult coloring books are all the rage now and BabyG and I always do this one together!
  15. Take a walk through Chapters or Homesense this can be a little dangerous for the wallet but who doesn’t love to ‘look’ at pretty things!
  16. Go shopping! A new wardrobe or shoes and bags fuels mum life!
  17. Baking is so therapeutic, not to mention the delicious goodness that you get to eat afterwards!Image result for baking at home
  18. Do nothing!   
  19. Call a friend to stay in touch and catch up! it is much nicer than just messaging which can feel so impersonal.
  20. Praying is so important for the soul and relaxes the mind.

Whether you take some time when the little ones are playing, napping or down for bedtime squeeze in some time for yourself!

Take care and happy reading!



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