Review: Dyson V7

Hello! This week I want to review, my new toy, the Dyson V7 handheld vacuum. So what prompted this splurge is little BabyJ; he spends so much time on the floor that it was important to have a vacuum that made it quick and easy for us to clean and most importantly safe for him. BabyJ (as most babies do) can find the tiniest bits of dust and debris on both the carpet and hard floor so we needed something that was powerful as well as able to get into all the little nooks and crannies where he gets into.


We picked a Dyson, as I have always been familiar with using them, first during my time working for Currys (a store like Best Buy) and then from owning a few different models back home in England. I had been a Dyson user for quite some time and after moving to Canada I realized how much I miss it. Sad, I know but now after constantly cleaning up after BabyG and BabyJ it is important to make life a little easier with a good vacuum!

We ordered the Dyson V7 from The Bay during their one day sale about a week ago and it was delivered super quick. I was really excited when it arrived the postman couldn’t understand why I was so happy to get a vacuum- but it is always the little things that make day to day life easier.

So what’s in the box?

  1. V7 main unit
  2. Extension pipe
  3. Carpet cleaning head
  4. Hard floor cleaning head
  5. Mini motorized tool (smaller version of carpet cleaning head)
  6. Crevice tool
  7. Multi-use tool
  8. Soft dusting brush
  9. Docking station (wall mountable)
  10. Charger
  11. Manual



What’s in the box? There are some extra tools you can also order shown.

The features:

  1. Handheld and cordless. The feeling of being tethered to a wall plug in every room and having a limited range of motion made vacuuming an annoying task. But now its so easy to do a quick vacuum after a snack spill or just a  once-over before bed.
  2. Lightweight and so easy to walk around between rooms and especially on the stairs.
  3. Small to store and so it doesn’t take up valuable storage space. It comes with the wall mountable dock, however, I have not yet found the perfect spot to put it up.
  4. Two different roller heads one for carpet with bristles to pick up bigger pieces of debris and the other for the hard floor which is powerful yet gentle on the floors.
  5. Easy to change between each of the tools. There is simply one button to click and change between all the tools making it so easy to switch as you vacuum.
  6. Easy to release dust canister and washable filter means keeping it clean and efficient is so easy too.

Image via

After using the vacuum for the week I have drawn up a little pros/ cons list:


  • Small and easy to move around between rooms and floors.
  • Awesome on stairs and no need to tug around the upright vacuum.
  • It is so easy to change all the connections and tools.
  • Super quiet,  being able to vacuum whilst BabyJ sleeps (priceless).


  • 30-minute battery life- although I can vacuum in about 20 mins or so!
  • Small handheld device means a small canister to hold the dust and needs to be emptied more often.
  • 3.5 hours charging time means it takes a while if you run out of juice whilst using the vacuum.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

So far I love the V7, it makes life so much easier and really changes the way in which we clean the floors and by making the whole process cordless it feels like less of a chore and more efficient overall. I love the feeling of clean floors especially for the kids to play on!

Take care and happy reading!



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post by Dyson and all opinions are my own. Images have been credited to their sources.

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