Travel Diaries: London!


I have had some technical difficulties getting this post out so I apologize! It must be a mixture of new tech and two weeks ago I took a last minute trip to London with BabyG and BabyJ. This was a mixture of anxieties for me; flying alone with two kids, flying internationally on short notice and making sure nothing important was being left undone at home.


This handy umbrella stroller helped us get through the airport and right up to the gate!

It is however also really easy to get so preoccupied with making lists that nothing gets done and your left with lists most of which will cause more anxiety. The three lists I made were a packing list, things to do, and things to buy; this allowed me to clearly separate tasks and ensure nothing was missed. It was also such a relief that everything I needed to to get done was checked off and gave me complete peace of mind! A fully checked off list is #mumgoals!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-08 at 10.07.53 PM

A snippet of my packing list. The notes app on my iPhone was so handy to make and update my lists! 

I felt very prepared for the journey with the kids and luckily the trip went smoothly! I have put together my top five tips for flying solo with the kids:

  1. Book a direct flight; getting the kiddies through security and on to the plane was a smooth operation however to disturb them once they had settled in might have caused some issues not to mention more work for me. I had peace of mind knowing that once we had boarded we wouldn’t be disturbed until we landed.


    BabyJ stretching out and enjoying his new toys!

  2. Pick the best flight time to suit the kids timetable; this is quite an important one for me. I wanted the kids to be happy and relaxed before we left and so we took an evening flight. This meant I had enough time to let them settle in and have dinner before bedtime. Luckily for me that is exactly what happened; the evening for about three hours was quite uneventful and the kids played little before and after dinner and then turned in for the night.
  3. Pack entertainment; BabyG has flown before and I had experience in planning entertainment for her. I bought some new toys and stationary and downloaded her favourite shows on Netflix she was really excited to use all the new stuff in her backpack and very happy throughout the flight. For BabyJ I bought a few small toys for him to play with- he loved to get his teeth into them!


    BabyG getting in some screen time. I’m so grateful Netflix added the download feature!

  4. Pack Light; this was a tough one for me! I find that you can never be too careful and being on an airplane we would not have access to a lot of things I could need for the kids and so I decided to have one carry on for the three of us which housed all our necessities.

    Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 6.32.19 PM

    I really love the Cath Kidson weekend tote – it’s lightweight, roomy and the second strap makes it easy to carry and keeps my hands free! 

  5. Pack snacks and food; this was also very important as the kids have their own eating schedule and I didn’t want to risk a meltdown if they got hungry. BabyG had a selection of her favorite snacks and dinner packed into her backpack so she had access to it. For BabyJ I bought some baby food pouches and carried on his formula- airport security are usually very relaxed about baby formula and boiled water.

I am so grateful for an uneventful trip and both BabyG and BabyJ were so well behaved. I felt very prepared and so I was able to make this journey stress free and actually enjoy the flight with both kids. We will be in London for the next month and I hope to share more from our trip with you.

Take care and happy reading!



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